9 x NLD U18’s Selected for Midlands Development Day

Following their success in the Midlands Championship, 9 of the NLD U18’s squad have been invited to attend the Midlands Development Day at Uppingham School on December 7th.

From the initial 46 players invited, a reduced number will go forward to trial at the Midlands Assessment Day on January 4th, after which a squad of 23 or 24 players will be selected to represent the Midlands Division.

Selection at this level is a great testament to all the hard work put in by the selected players as well as the rest of the squad, and reflects well on the high standard of coaching the players have received this season.

Those players invited are:


Ed Bloodworth – King’s Grantham – Kesteven
Sam Butler – Stamford School – Kesteven
Max Hodson – Eastwood College – Ilkeston
James Newman – King’s Grantham – Newark
Josh Hubbard (Reserve) – King’s Grantham – Newark


Harry Graham – Worksop College – Paviors
Phil Fletcher – King’s Grantham – Kesteven
Ben Usher – Priory Academy LSST – Newark
Tom Winning – Southwell Minster – Paviors
Callum Slack – King’s Grantham – Newark

U18’s Manager Lee Slack commented that those players involved in the NLD set up this season have shown real commitment and determination to succeed. This, allied to the high quality preparation delivered by the Coaching team, has provided the Three Counties with substantial representation at the next level.

The 9 players selected to go forward have a real chance to make further significant progress at the aspirational level, and everyone within the U18’s set up wishes them every success.