NLD U13-19 Competition Reminders

With the NLD U13-19 Competition Season well underway it is that time of year for us to give you all a little nudge with a few reminders!

  1. If you have any queries regarding the NLD Competitions please make sure you contact Carol (U13-16) or Melvyn (U17-19) in the first instance.  

This is particularly relevant if you are struggling for numbers or are looking to rearrange a fixture.  There are a number of external considerations that need to be taken into account so please don’t arrange anything without speaking to Carol or Melvyn first.  Should you rearrange a fixture without consulting with Carol or Melvyn you will lose the home advantage (if applicable).   If a match is conceded then Carol or Melvyn should be informed as soon as possible.

  1. The competition is aimed to be as fair and as inclusive as possible.   May we remind clubs of the below extracted from the NLD U13-19 Competition Rules.

18 A team must have a minimum of 10 players on the field of play at the start of a match, who must be correctly registered on the RFU Game Management System for the match to be deemed a pool match. Both teams will start the game with the same amount of players on the pitch. Games may if required be started or change to uncontested scrums as required by the availability of suitably trained front row players. In the event of injury the team with the greater number of players will only have a maximum of one more player on field at any time, Teams who default a pool match due to lack of numbers will see the result recorded as Rule 23

  1. Referees must be confirmed by 6pm on the Thursday preceding the match.  If a referee is not contacted then you will risk losing them to another fixture and your club will still be charged.   If a match is conceded please make sure that the referee is aware in as much time as possible and inform Steve Whiteside ([email protected] – Steve manages all weekend fixture appointments).
  1. The competition results are now all available electronically on the website, if you haven’t already found the link then please see below.

  1. Match cards should be sent to Carol or Melvyn directly, if you send them to the NLD office they will only be posted on. Their addresses can be found in the NLD U13-19 Competition Rules.

If you have any queries regarding the NLD U13-19 Competitions do not hesitate to get in touch with Carol, Melvyn or Nicole Brown.