This Saturday will see the club’s 1st, 2nd & 3rd XVs all play AT HOME together for the first time since the late 70s/early 80s. 50+ players will play for the club, where there is a regular training attendance in excess of 40.

In 2006 the 1st XV suffered a record loss of 0- 109 to Ashby and at the end of that season withdrew from the RFU leagues. In 2010 with only a scratch side of 13 players it was rock bottom for the club, they went to Newark and duly lost heavily to their 4ths.

However today they stand on much firmer ground with the 1st XV returning to the league in 2012; the 2nd XV (resurrected in 2012 after a 6 year absence) competing successfully in the Notts Pennant; and a 3rd XV, the first since the early 1990’s, playing in the Lincolnshire Merit League.

As they celebrate their Golden Jubilee it is a very fitting mark of their progress. The next aims are on-field achievement by all sides,  promotion for 1sts and 2nds, consolidation for the 3rd XV and the restoration of a youth set up to ensure the long term future of the club.

The turnaround has come about largely through the engagement of an enthusiastic group of young players led by club captain Andy Rush, and team captains’ Jamie Smith, Ben Curtis and Darryl Smith; supported by a committee which successfully blends enthusiastic spirit with the wisdom and advice of some of the club’s long serving/long suffering elder statesmen.

The club’s progress has been an extraordinary credit to them over the last few years and we are sure that they will continue this good progress.