Rugby World Cup 2015

With the Rugby World Cup 2015 just a little over a year away, attentions in NLD are turning to what is sure to be one of the best sporting events in the country’s history.

The tournament is set to produce record revenues, with the funds raised earmarked for investment in rugby’s future – including a number of initiatives in England and beyond.

Within NLD are we are looking to capture the excitement and anticipation of this brilliant tournament and we are now turning to clubs for their support and ideas in taking rugby to new heights.

Club Funding Opportunities

The RFU have set up regional Legacy Groups throughout England who will work closely with RFU management, RFU Constituent Bodies (CBs), and the England Rugby 2015 team to oversee the development and implementation of a robust activation and legacy plan.

The aim of the group over the last year has been to raise funds for the Area that is ear marked for legacy purposes.  Attentions are now turning to how this money should be spent and this offers a brilliant opportunity to clubs within NLD.

There is a large amount of money available – up to £250 000 throughout Area 4 so proportionally there is the opportunity for some £50 000 worth of funding to clubs within NLD!! But to get ANY share of this we need to have some good legacy projects proposed!!

While the application process for funding is still being decided we would like clubs to start thinking of ideas and projects that they would like to take further.  When the funding applications open in the next couple of months, we will then be able to submit a number of applications and maximise the opportunity for funding.

This is a great opportunity for your club to get involved in the 2015 RWC legacy so please take advantage of it.  A basic proposal should be emailed through to the NLD Office in the first instance – [email protected].  All ideas are welcome, below are a couple of suggestions that will perhaps give you a little inspiration!!

  • Does your club need a new TV to help bring in people from the local community to watch and be involved in sporting events?
  • What about some new post protectors – would your club benefit from these in the long term?
  • On a bigger scale how about starting a new tournament / festival throughout the summer for clubs throughout the country?  Think Bournemouth Sevens but perhaps not as big – at least to start with!

Ultimately there are lots of different ideas and opportunities but this is your clubs opportunity to get involved and use the RWC to help grow your club and our game for the future.  Don’t miss out!!

NLD 2015 RWC Legacy Group

NLD will also be setting up a 2015 RWC Legacy Group.  The group holds an exciting role as we countdown to the start of the tournament, they will be focussing on:

  • Helping clubs to submit funding applications to the Area 4 RWC Legacy Group.
  • Developing a programme of events within NLD ahead of the start of the RWC.  One of these events will be the famous ‘Web Ellis Cup’ visiting NLD during the trophy tour next summer!

We are looking for a small number of people to get involved in this committee and help make this one of the most exciting times for our clubs!  If you are interested, or know anyone that is, please get in touch with Nicole Brown on [email protected] by Friday 19th September.  The first meeting of the group will be taking place on Thursday 25th September at which a programme of meetings will be decided.

The RWC 2015 is a fantastic opportunity for grass roots rugby and clubs within NLD so let’s make sure we take advantage of it and leave a legacy!