RFU Game Management System

The RFU Game Management System is now up and running a very successful and well attended training session was held at Ilkeston on Tuesday and another is scheduled at Lincoln today.

We appreciate that clubs are very much finding their feet with the new system so hopefully this email will go some way to answering some questions that have been raised.

U13-19 Competitions

The U13-19 Competitions are due to get underway on 7th September with the U17’s League kicking the season off.  We appreciate that with the new system it may not have been possible for clubs to have updated all of the information necessary at this early stage of the season.

Therefore we ask that all player information is updated by 30th September and photographs for all players are uploaded by 15th October at the latest.  This will hopefully offer you a little extra time to get used to the system before we start requesting team print outs and checking registrations.

Logging into the GMS

Each club is responsible for managing access to the GMS System.  The Club Honorary Secretary is able to assign roles as appropriate so should you require access please contact them in the first instance.

Club Secretaries – the role that enables Managers / Coaches to edit registration details and upload photographs is ‘Youth Registrar’.  This role allows blanket access to all age groups so please make sure your Team Managers know which age group they should be editing!

It will also be the clubs responsibility to manage the access privileges so if someone leaves a club then please make sure you remove their access accordingly.

Registering Players

This season as it is a new system moving over from Rugby First and the NLD Registration System we are not requesting players to be re-registered.  However all age groups need to ensure that their players are correctly listed, update their details and add a photograph for them.  In future seasons a new photograph will be required at U10/13/16 to re register your players.

All of the players that were on the Rugby First system have been transferred to the GMS so the majority of your players should be on the system.  However if any are missing or you have any new players please make sure they are added to the system and that they complete a copy of the RFU Youth Player Registration form (available to download from the link below).


Many clubs have their own Player Registration Form, this is absolutely fine but please make sure it contains all of the necessary data protection disclaimers and if in doubt look at the RFU form which includes all of this information.

Please remember that it is RFU Regulation that all youth players are registered on the GMS so it is really important that this is kept up to date.

If you require any assistance with the GMS there are some very helpful guides available from the system when you are logged in.  Alternatively you can contact the GMS Helpdesk whose details are available below.

[email protected]
0208 831 6651

Monday – Friday
09.00 – 13.00
14.00 – 17.00

We appreciate that the new GMS is going to involve a period of change and adjustment while we all get used to it but the system is really exciting for clubs and England Rugby have some really exciting plans with it for the future.

Many thanks for your continued help with the new system, hopefully the above will have resolved a few of your questions but if there is anything else then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the NLD Office – 01636 640800 / [email protected].