O2 Touch Fit

Over the next four weeks O2 Touch and England Rugby will be uploading exclusive fitness videos featuring fitness guru to the likes of Pro Green, Millie Mackintosh and England Rugby player James Haskell.

This series of videos will help you get O2 Touch Fit and are a great supplement to weekly touch rugby activity. Each workout session will take on a different focus, helping you work on your mobility, speed & strength, conditioning and power across the programme to help you take your performance to the next level.

O2 Touch Fit is a great way to get in shape and boost your social life. Each week starting Monday 28 July there will be posting a workout to improve your game. Join the challenge now by using #O2Touch on Twitter.

Welcome to O2 Touch Fit
[youtube id=”pvjU8eWn9Eo”]

Workout 1 – Mobility
[youtube id=”6VAXdOv3G1g”]

Workout 2 – Speed & Strength

Workout 3 – Conditioning
[youtube id=”61ZmQ9mDAao”]

Workout 4 – Power
[youtube id=”xR3YfH7VVDI”]