Rugby clubs all over England rely on hard working volunteers to manage the smooth running of their clubs and provide playing opportunities for everyone through from U6 to Vets.  NLD is no different and we are always looking for ways to reduce the onus on club volunteers.

For the past 7 seasons NLD have successfully administered the NLD Player Registration System which has allowed us to manage Mini & Youth Player Registrations throughout the three counties.  However with the introduction of the new RFU Game Management System (GMS) NLD are pleased to announce some exciting changes!

From the 2014-15 season onwards clubs will only be required to register their Mini & Youth Players on the new GMS System and will no longer be required to register their players through the NLD Player Registration System.  This exciting development will mean that club volunteers will only have to register their Mini and Youth players with one system.  This is something that we have been looking to find a solution for over the last couple of years and with the introduction of the new GMS system we have the perfect opportunity!

The RFU Game Management System, which goes live on 1st August, will be replacing the current Rugby First System and will provide a registration base for all Mini & Youth Players.  The new GMS features a number of similar benefits that we have previously enjoyed with the NLD system and is something that promises to be an exciting development for rugby in general.

What Will Change? 

Registering Players

NLD Clubs will be required to register their Mini & Youth Players through the GMS System.  Clubs will have ability to give ‘super user’ access to someone within their organisation and this person will be able to arrange access for individual team managers.

You will still need to complete RFU Registration Forms for the players (which will be collated by individual clubs), this information will then need to uploaded onto the GMS and a photograph added for each player.

Once a player is registered onto the GMS they will remain there until they are transferred or deleted.  However you will still be required to update your players at U10/13/16 by adding an up to date photograph of each player.


Clubs will be able to transfer players through the GMS, you will also need to submit an NLD Transfer Form to the NLD Office.

NLD Competitions

For NLD Competitions we will still be able to monitor registrations for teams.  The NLD U13-19 Competition Rules have been updated to reflect the new GMS so please read them carefully to ensure you understand them fully.


The RFU will be offering dedicated GMS training to clubs at the start of September.  As a CB we are also looking at ways we can support clubs so there will plenty of the advice and assistance available with the change!

We are very excited about the introduction of the new RFU Game Management System and the impact it should have on reducing volunteer workload by only completing one registration system.

The RFU will be contacting clubs with more information on the new GMS over the next couple of weeks so you will hear more about the system then.

In the meantime we hope that you are all enjoying a nice summer ‘break’!!