For more information on Girls Rugby within NLD contact Neil Clack.

Girls Club Rugby

There are a number of clubs throughout NLD that run Girls teams and they are always keen to welcome new players.  If you are interested in getting involved contact Neil Clack who is Chairman of the NLD Women & Girls Committee for more information on your local team.

NLD Representative Rugby

NLD field representative sides for the U18 & U15 Girls Teams as well as an U13 & U15 Girls Development Groups.  This is a great opportunity for Girls to get involved with an exciting level of representative rugby that opens the door for future opportunities to play at Midlands level and beyond.

2016-17 NLD Girls Squads

Any girl eligible to play NLD representative rugby at U15 and U18, (that is any girl who either lives, goes to school or is registered as a club player within the Notts, Lincs or Derbyshire CB area), is invited to attend the open sessions as Southwell; please see the Girls CB Fixture Dates.

This season we are trialing a slightly different approach in that all trial/training sessions are open; there will be no fixed squads for either the U15’s or U18’s. Players will be picked against ability, set criteria, availability, fitness and commitment to the CB squad.   There will be some players who will be picked to play in all named squads, some will be picked for one or more squad weekends and some players will end up not having represented their CB at the end of this seasons programme in December. This will be solely due to one or more of the above reasons. As a result of not having a fixed squad we are planning to hold NLD U15 Development sessions on weekends reflecting the CB calendar; 30.10.16, 20.11.16, 4.12.16. The purpose of doing this is to encourage the maximum number of players to be involved in NLD whilst maintaining the elements of aspiration and development. The boundaries between the Development and playing squads will be fluid and therefore girls will have the opportunity to “break through” into the U15 playing squad. Unfortunately due to the numbers trailing it is not feasible to have an U18’s Development squad for 2016-17 but it is something we will look at for next season.


Every year we are asked by the RFU to nominate players from both U15 and U18 age groups to go forward to Academy, (Midlands), Trials as part of their development. Only girls that the NLD coaches feel meet the necessary criteria will be put forward; a copy of the NLD Girls Assessment Criteria Form  can be found on the NLD website. It is up to the RFU to accept the nomination or not and invite the players to trial. RFU coaches will be watching players across the 3 CB activity dates as part of their own player assessment process as well as talking to the appropriate age group Head Coach.


As part of the progression route, players at CB and Academy girls are requested to spend a little time reflecting on their own performance. A copy of the NLD Girls Self Assessment Feedback Form can be found along with the NLD Girls Assessment Criteria Form. If a player, club coach or parent feedback wants individual feedback then this will be given in writing only if specifically requested. This is done by completing and submitting, to the appropriate age group Manager or Head Coach, the NLD Girls Assessment Criteria Form . Every endeavour will be made to reply within 14 days. Feedback given will be constructive and is designed to assist player development; this is in no way intended to be negative exercise. There is also a section on the form for feedback on NLD W&G’s performance. Please be constructive when completing this section as, like players, we can only improve and move forward if we know which areas we need to develop or change.


If further clarification is required please talk to the appropriate age group Manager or Head Coach. Alternatively contact the NLD or NLD W&G’s Chair. Contacts details can be found on the above documents.

NLD U15 Girls


NLD Women & Girls Committee

The NLD Women & Girls Committee manage all aspects of the female game, they meet 3 – 4 times per year and focus on developing the game in all areas.  If you are interested in getting involved contact Chairman Neil Clack.